Will My Car Insurance Rate Increase if I Use Med-Pay in Colorado?

Will My Car Insurance Rate Increase if I Use Med-Pay in Colorado?

Will My Car Insurance Rate Increase if I Use Med-Pay in Colorado?

After a car accident where you’ve sustained injuries, the priority is your health. Once you are stabilized and recovering from any injuries, you can focus on paying for the medical expenses related to your accident. In most cases, some form of insurance will pay for the medical bills. Medical payments coverage (Med-Pay) provides reasonable medical coverage for injuries sustained during an auto accident. Med-Pay covers the reasonable medical expenses from the crash, regardless of who was at fault. Additionally, Med-Pay covers everyone in your car at the time of the crash.

How Does Medical Payment Coverage Work?

Medical payments coverage fills in the coverage gaps between auto and health insurance to ensure medical bills get paid quickly. Med-Pay pays for accident-related medical expenses for the policyholder and their passengers regardless of fault, meaning there’s no need to wait for insurance companies to determine fault. Additionally, Med-Pay coverage never requires any copays or deductibles but can be used to pay deductibles and copays for health insurance. Without Med-Pay, the injured driver will need to rely on and wait on the at-fault driver’s liability policy (or your uninsured motorist coverage). Med-Pay typically covers:

  • Emergency transport to a hospital emergency room
  • Emergency room services
  • Radiology services
  • Surgery
  • Hospital stays bills
  • Doctor visits related to accident injuries
  • Professional nursing services
  • Funeral expenses
  • Deductibles, copays, and coinsurance for other types of insurance

While Med-Pay sounds great, especially since there’s no need to wait to establish liability, there are limits to what it covers. Med-Pay doesn’t cover:

  • Lost wages
  • Non-medical related damages
  • Property damage
  • The other driver’s injuries
  • Lost wages

Med-Pay only covers medical expenses that are deemed reasonable. Treatment for medical conditions unrelated to the accident is not covered.

Will Med-Pay Increase the Rate of Auto Insurance?

Med-Pay is a type of first-party car insurance, not medical insurance. It only covers losses sustained in crashes involving a motor vehicle and only compensates the person paying for the coverage, not the other driver. Insurance companies in Colorado are required to offer Med Payment coverage. However, Colorado law does not require drivers to have Med-Pay coverage. It’s often beneficial to help bridge the gap between car insurance and medical insurance during a personal injury claim.

While it’s beneficial to add Med-Pay to your car insurance, usage of Med-Pay coverage may influence your insurance rates. Once insurance companies determine liability, your insurance may go up if you are determined to be at fault. If you are not at fault for the accident, usage of Med-Pay coverage will not affect your insurance rates.

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