5 Best Cycling Parts and Gear to Upgrade for Both Performance and Safety

5 Best Cycling Parts and Gear to Upgrade for Both Performance and Safety

Man cycling in the morning on a forest road.Whether you ride on the road, gravel, or mountainside, biking in Colorado is one of the most enjoyable summer activities. The ability to feel the wind in your face while also getting in a good workout can be invigorating. Improving upon the features of your bike can help it to perform at its peak ability, as well as greatly improve your safety on it.

Though not motorized, similar to motorcycles, bikes often share the roadway with other automotive vehicles, though they lack the same protections. When an accident occurs between a bike and an auto vehicle, the cyclist is most likely to be the one injured. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), in 2017, a total of 783 bicyclists were killed in traffic crashes in the U.S.

Although a lot of the risk associated with bicycling is inherent, there are still things that you can do to minimize the risk and maximize the bike’s ability to perform. One of those things is to upgrade various components of the bike. Here are five crucial parts of your bike and relevant gear that you can upgrade this summer in order to aid in your its performance and your safety.

1. Tires
Your entire bike is dependent upon your tires; they are the only thing between your bike and the road. Luckily, they are also one of the cheapest and easiest parts of the bike to upgrade. The grip on the tires is what adheres to the road as you ride. That’s why the more grip the tires have, the faster you are able to go, and the fewer crashes (and injuries) you will have. When shopping for new tires it is advisable to find a set that are well made and range from 25-28mm in width.

2. Brakes
When we think of the safety of most modes of transportation, we commonly think of the brakes; bicycles are no different. Brakes are not only used for slowing down or stopping in order to avoid an accident, they are also surprisingly imperative for speed. Having reliable and powerful brakes allows you to have minimal drag. Both powerful and lightweight brakes have their own benefits.

3. Wheels
Though not inexpensive, upgrading your wheels can make one of the biggest differences when it comes to the performance and safety of your bike. Reducing weight can help, but it’s the rotating weight that makes the biggest impact. Wider rim wheels help to create more stable (and safer) tires.

4. Helmet
Though not a part of the bike itself, your helmet is the most vital piece of safety equipment that you have. Helmets serve to protect your head should be involved in a crash. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), less than half of all Americans wear helmets when riding a bicycle. So how could you make this stellar piece of gear even better? By making them smarter. These new smart helmets have rear LED lights, which help to increase your visibility to drivers, while the front serves as a headlamp for night rides. Helmets such as the models from Lumos even include a mounted cordless remote on the handlebar from which you can signal in the same way that you do while in a car.

5. Safety Lights
Lights are in fact one of the best upgrades you can purchase when it comes to cycling. Garmin has produced a state-of-the-art safety light/rear-facing radar, which also helps to detect cars and alert you.

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