5 Common Mechanical Problems That May Lead to a Crash

5 Common Mechanical Problems That May Lead to a Crash

5 Common Mechanical Problems That May Lead to a Crash

Most car crashes are the result of driver negligence, but there are some collisions where other factors are at play. Bad weather and poor road conditions are some of the most common external causes of a car crash. However, there are instances where mechanical problems, whether by lack of maintenance or manufacturer defect, can lead to an accident. 

If you were involved in a car crash where mechanical problems were the cause, reach out to Mintz Law Firm. Our attorneys can investigate your claim and work to hold the responsible party liable for your injuries. 

Faulty Brakes Can Cause Car Crashes 

Brake failure is the most common mechanical defect that can lead to an auto accident. No matter how much space you have between your vehicle and the one in front of you, faulty brakes will generally result in a collision because it becomes nearly impossible to stop your vehicle properly the moment brakes fail. 

Modern brake technology, such as a dual brake system, reduces the risk of failure, but bad brakes are not limited to older cars. If the anti-lock brake system fails, your vehicle will be more likely to hydroplane during rainy and snowy conditions. 

Steering and Suspension Issues Risk Drivers Losing Control 

When a vehicle’s steering or suspension systems fail, the driver must usually swerve suddenly to the left or right. During poor weather conditions, you might even hydroplane. Either way, you’re most likely going to hit another car or slam into the railing or other object. 

Drivers should maintain their vehicles well and conduct regular inspections to ensure the safety of their vehicles. This is especially important for your steering and suspension since there are no external factors that can prove the failure of these systems caused a crash. 

Broken Headlights and Taillights Can Lead to Rear-End Collisions

Many car accidents happen at night because of burned-out or faulty lights. If a car has defective headlights or taillights, drivers cannot see where they’re going clearly, nor can they properly signal to other drivers. Lights are the prime form of communication between drivers, and when they do not work, they can have disastrous consequences. Faulty brake lights often result in rear-end crashes, since drivers behind you are not aware that you are slowing down. 

Before getting behind the wheel, you should ensure that all your lights are working correctly. The few seconds it takes to check may save your life.

Windshield Wipers Cause Drivers to Lose Visibility 

Driving in rain or snow is difficult on its own, but malfunctioning wipers can make it even more challenging. Once your wipers stop working, especially in heavy snow, you immediately lose visibility and can crash into another car. 

Tires Can Blow Out

Tires have an average lifespan of 50,000 miles. When drivers fail to keep up on tire maintenance, they risk one blowing out on the road. When this happens, it can cause severe damage to your car and surrounding vehicles. Worn-out tires also make the vehicle uneven, thus making it harder to control. If a tire is worn to the point where it is minimal or no tread left, you risk hydroplaning, having less control of your vehicle, and/or not being able to stop appropriately. Replacing tires may be a big up-front expense, but it is critical to protect lives.

Seek Legal Counsel in Colorado from Mintz Law Firm 

If you’ve been in a car crash in Colorado due to a mechanical problem, reach out to the auto injury attorneys at Mintz Law Firm. Whether you were the driver and believe the failure was a manufacturer defect or you were injured from another vehicle, our attorneys will dedicate themselves to your case and secure financial compensation for your losses. 

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