Back to School: Understanding Traffic Laws in School Zones

The safety of our children must always be a top priority in everything that we do. Not only are children our most precious assets, but they also rely on responsible adults, who know better than they do, to fully enjoy the fun and relaxation of being young. Traffic safety is always a concern as it… Read more »

8 Bicycle Laws You Might Not Know

Riding a bicycle in the great state of Colorado is an attractive prospect for those wanting to get exercise and for anyone wanting to forego what many consider to be a normal traffic routine. Whether you’re taking a bike to work, using it to run errands, or experiencing our beautiful trails, you can bet that… Read more »

Cycling Safety Statistics That’ll Make Your Wheels Spin

Every year, it seems that more and more cyclists are showing up on Colorado’s roads. This shouldn’t be too surprising. In addition to the incredible amount of exercise that cycling gives its riders, it provides a great way to forgo the need for automobile insurance, car payments, and costly vehicle repairs. Plus, riding a bicycle… Read more »

What You Might Not Know About Vaccine Injury

Vaccines play an important role in staying healthy for both children and adults, but as you might expect, accidents do unfortunately happen from time to time. Although these accidents are not the norm, when they do occur, they can have long-lasting consequences that negatively impact a person’s life. What you might not know about vaccine… Read more »

What to Do After You’ve Been Hit and Run

Getting into a car accident can throw your life into turmoil. In some instances, the driver for the accident flees the scene before you can identify the car or driver, which can make things even worse. The reasons some drivers “hit and run” run the gamut from a lack of insurance to driving under the influence. What… Read more »

Avoid These Summer Safety Risks

Summer is finally here, and that means everyone is ready to have a fantastic time outdoors with friends and family. It’s important to remember, however, that summer often brings some activities that require extra attention to safety. We’re not trying to be fuddy-duddies here, but we’ve seen plenty of injuries to understand the reasons why you should… Read more »

What You Can Do When You Suffer a Vaccine Injury

Vaccines have been in the news a lot in recent years, in large part because people are scrambling to figure out the best ways in which to protect themselves from nasty viruses. When someone is unfortunate enough to catch a virus, the results can often vary from feeling uneasy throughout the day to being bedridden… Read more »

An Attorney Can Get You A Better Settlement Than Going It Alone

The idea of making a legal claim or going to court, at least for most people, is something that causes great anxiety and stress. For someone not familiar with the process, the entire experience can be confusing, drawn out, and twists and turns along the way that may not make sense. While there may be… Read more »

What Your Kids Need to Know About Bike Safety

Children are one of life’s great gifts, which is why we like to take this time to offer tips that will help adults keep kids safe as it relates to traffic concerns. Since the summer season is upon us, children will be getting on their bicycles and peddling all over town or just to the local park… Read more »

Safety Tips for Your Cross-Country Motorcycle Trip

Long before Peter Fonda and Dennis Hopper brought cross-country trips into the mainstream, motorcycle enthusiasts had found peace and tranquility on the open road. This love of the wind in your hair and the highway stretching endlessly before you still exists today all across America and even in many parts of the world. Of course, accidents… Read more »