The Pros and Cons of Cameras in a Workers’ Compensation Claim

One of the questions we receive most frequently with regards to workers’ compensation cases is whether video surveillance is useful when arguing a case. Clients want to know if video footage could help them in their fight for benefits, or if an employer can use video footage against them. Knowing the answer to this query… Read more »

Skiing or Snowboarding Accident: 3 Things You Need to Know

Spring is just around the corner, but the snow is still falling in the high country! If you are a fan of winter sports, this is great news. Although you may be excited about the ability to keep skiing and snowboarding into the early weeks of the spring season, you shouldn’t get so caught up… Read more »

Can I Sue the Government?

Some of the more complex cases a law firm can take on are claims against governmental agencies. Not only are damages that a plaintiff can recover from governmental agencies capped by law, but the claims that can be brought against governmental agencies are very limited. The general rule is that the government and its employees… Read more »

Restitution and Personal Injury Settlements

In People v. Stanley, the Colorado Court of Appeals determined whether a defendant in a criminal case (Stanley) should be entitled to a reduction in the restitution he was ordered to pay the victim after Stanley’s automobile insurance carrier also paid the victim $25,000 in insurance proceeds. After Stanley pled guilty to felony vehicular assault,… Read more »

How to Deal with Drunk Drivers on St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day may immediately cause one to think of wearing green and leprechauns looking for their pots of gold, but for millions of people across the country, it also means a time to go out with friends and celebrate. And, of course, many of the celebrations will include green beer, Irish whiskey, and other… Read more »

Quick Tips to Be a Better Driver in 2018

Traffic safety should always be something you’re thinking about. After all, that’s how you stay safe in the first place. In addition to the tried and true safety tips, such as always checking your blind spot (even if your car has blind spot safety features) and looking both ways before crossing an intersection, here are… Read more »

Personal Injury 101

As a team of experienced personal injury attorneys, we often hear the question, “What actually constitutes ‘personal injury’?” The short answer to this question is: negligence that caused harm. In order to begin fighting your case or negotiating any type of settlement, you and your personal injury lawyer will need to be able to prove… Read more »

Premises Liability 101

When you choose to shop at a store, explore an attraction, or even visit a private residence, landowners have certain legal obligations to you as a visitor. Those legal obligations depend on the relationship between the landowner and the visitor. This article explores the three relationships defined by Colorado law and highlights some of the… Read more »

Driving While Exhausted? You’re Just Asking for Trouble

Millions of people across the United States get behind the wheel of a car on a daily basis. Driving is such a normal function for most of us that it becomes routine, but however routine driving may feel, you never want to be sleepy when behind the wheel. Driving while you’re feeling fatigued can lead… Read more »

Workers’ Compensation 101

Have you ever spotted a “WARNING IF YOU ARE INJURED ON THE JOB” sign hanging on the wall of your job’s break room? The State of Colorado requires all public and private employers to provide Workers’ Compensation coverage and to provide notice of these benefits in a common area at all times. Even though many… Read more »