Important Things to Understand About Garbage Truck Accidents

Important Things to Understand About Garbage Truck Accidents

Important Things to Understand About Garbage Truck Accidents

Garbage trucks work to keep communities clean and functioning. However, these trucks are larger, heavier commercial vehicles that pose an inherent danger to smaller passenger vehicles. The danger is exacerbated when operators of these trucks do not drive carefully and cause accidents with other vehicles on the road. Garbage truck accidents can cause serious and even catastrophic injuries that can result in permanent disability. 

The aftermath of an accident involving a garbage truck can be traumatic and confusing. However, it’s in the victim’s best interest to contact a truck accident lawyer as soon as possible. The sooner you contact an attorney with experience in garbage truck injuries, the sooner they can begin to investigate the accident and help you pursue the monetary compensation you may be entitled to from the at-fault party. 

The Dangers Associated With Garbage Trucks

Garbage trucks are essential to the community and provide a beneficial service. However, not all garbage truck drivers know how to or care to operate their vehicles safely. Furthermore, there are specific inherent dangers associated with garbage trucks that place other vehicles at risk. Some of the most common dangers associated with garbage trucks include the following:

Garbage Collecting Times

Depending on the community, garbage trucks are often operating during morning hours. Unfortunately, their collection periods may coincide with morning commute hours when many vehicles and school buses are on the road. Traffic congestion can often lead to accidents.

Road Hazards

Garbage trucks may be transporting heavy loads, and there is a risk of objects falling out of the truck, creating a hazard for other drivers on the road. 

Blind Spots

Garbage trucks are large vehicles, typically having several blind spots. This means that they may not be able to see other vehicles that aren’t aware they’re in the truck’s blind spot.

Fewer Garbage Truck Drivers

A shortage of garbage truck drivers can lead to serious problems such as an overworked and exhausted driver behind the wheel. This can also lead to drivers operating their vehicles in the wrong manner or rushing their collection to compensate for the lack of support. 

Collection Areas

The collections area may require drivers to operate their vehicles on narrow streets with sharp curves, creating hazards for anyone nearby. 

Common Injuries Caused by Garbage Truck Accidents

Due to their large size, weight, and loads, garbage truck accidents have the potential to cause debilitating harm. Some of the most common injuries victims may sustain during a garbage truck accident include:

  • Severe neck and back injuries
  • Disfigurement 
  • Head injuries
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Loss of limb or amputations
  • Spinal cord damage
  • Severe lacerations 
  • Burns
  • Broken, dislocated, or fractured bones
  • Severe internal bleeding
  • Internal organ damage

In the worst-case scenario, victims sustain injuries too severe to recover from. 

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