10 Dangerous Habits of Aggressive Drivers in Colorado

10 Dangerous Habits of Aggressive Drivers in Colorado

10 Dangerous Habits of Aggressive Drivers in Colorado

Many drivers in Colorado can recall when they have encountered aggressive driving behaviors on the road. Whether this driver failed to yield or rode around recklessly with no regard for the safety of others, driving aggressively is very dangerous and often leads to trouble on the road. Colorado troopers responded to 268 fatal crashes on roadways in 2020, most of which are attributed to DUI, lane violations, and exceeding the standard speed limit. 

There are different characteristics and habits that you can easily spot while driving to avoid aggressive drivers and prevent an accident from occurring. If you’ve been involved in an accident or suffered injuries due to an angry driver, you have the right to seek compensation owed to you for the damages they caused. Our Denver car accident lawyer at Mintz Law Firm is eager to continue helping our Colorado clients after a car crash. 

How to Spot an Aggressive Driver 

Aggressive drivers are generally easy to pinpoint when you are driving. However, accidents often occur because drivers make sudden or unexpected decisions while driving and leave other drivers no chance to react. Despite this, there are some dangerous habits that aggressive drivers may exhibit when they are behind the wheel, and you may be able to avoid them if you can spot them. Here are 10 dangerous habits of aggressive drivers in Colorado. 

1. Speeding

A tell-tale sign of aggressive driving is speeding. Many drivers speed to cut through traffic quickly. Road ragers also resort to speeding when angry or are easily bothered by other drivers. This is very dangerous and can quickly lead to car crashes. Avoiding drivers that are speeding can help you stay safe on the road. 

2. Following Too Closely 

An aggressive driver may follow your vehicle closely to try and intimidate you or get you to move over and let them pass. Tailgating is aggressive behavior that may lead to rear-end accidents and unnecessary traffic because a driver fails to keep a safe distance with enough time to brake. 

3. Failure to Yield To the Right of Way 

When drivers fail to yield to the right of way, aggressive driving is another characteristic. This traffic violation may lead to a traffic ticket or car accident. Being aware of drivers that fail to stop or yield before you can proceed may help prevent a car crash. 

4. Weaving in and Out of Lanes 

Aggressive drivers may weave in and out lanes, moving quickly to cut through traffic. This behavior almost always leads to rear-end collisions, sideswiping, or other car accidents. This is often very upsetting and dangerous for surrounding cars. Avoiding drivers that have no regard for the safety of others may help you refrain from being involved in a crash. 

5. Failure to Use Turn Signals 

When driving aggressively, these drivers typically have no regard for safety and following traffic rules. Failing to utilize their turn signals when changing lanes, making turns, and navigating on the road makes these drivers unpredictable and dangerous. 

6. Excessive Horn Honking

Another sign of aggressiveness while behind the wheel of a car is excessive honking. A driver may be amid road rage, stuck in traffic, or aggravated when honking excessively. This is a sign that the driver is impatient and may lead to an accident or unnecessary traffic. 

7. Blocking Lanes 

When drivers block others from merging, changing lanes safely, or are blocking traffic, this aggressive driving behavior creates danger on the road. Whether the driver is angry, in a rush, or aggressive behind the wheel, they have no right to block traffic and create dangerous situations.

8. Improper Passing 

Not following proper rules and traffic regulations while passing other vehicles can lead to hefty traffic tickets and car accidents. Aggressive drivers may attempt to bypass a city vehicle, disregard school zone traffic laws, aggressively pass a school bus or pass improperly while driving alongside other vehicles. 

9. Disregard Red Lights and Stop Signs 

Any driver that does not stop at stop signs or cuts through a red light creates serious dangers and may cause severe car crashes on the road. Being aware of any vehicles that do not obey a red light or stop sign can save you from a car accident with an aggressive driver. 

10. Driving on the Wrong Side of the Road 

Another characteristic of aggressive driving is riding on the wrong side of the road to evade traffic and pass other vehicles. A driver may use the opposite lane to drive past other vehicles on two-way streets. This may easily lead to head-on collisions and other dangerous accidents due to aggressive behavior. 

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