4 Reasons Why Dog Bite Injuries Require Legal Assistance

4 Reasons Why Dog Bite Injuries Require Legal Assistance

4 Reasons Why Dog Bite Injuries Require Legal AssistanceWhen you see a cute dog walking by on the street with his or her owner, how do you typically react? We’re guessing that you don’t recoil in fear or cross the street to avoid the animal. If you’re a dog lover, like millions of other people across the country, you most likely want to get closer and maybe even ask to pet the animal.

In most cases, this is perfectly fine. The majority of dogs you’ll see on the street or in your neighborhood are friendly, and it’s safe to approach them. In some cases, however, you may come across a dog that is unfriendly or lashes out whenever someone approaches him or her. If this results in a dog bite, it’s important that you reach out to legal counsel right away — here’s why.

Dog Owners May Downplay the Severity of the injury

Although dogs are man’s (and woman’s) best friend, the truth is that 4.7 million people will be bitten by dogs this year. These bites range in severity from those that simply cause a bit of pain at the site of the bite to situations where the skin is broken and an infection develops. Dog owners often don’t want to face the reality that their pet harmed someone, not to mention they don’t want to pay medical bills, so there’s a good chance they’ll downplay the severity of the injury.

People Are Very Protective of Their Dogs

Even when a dog owner is fully aware that his or her dog has injured someone, they often adopt a protective attitude when you begin talking about compensation for the incident. This isn’t unlike the protective nature that a parent adopts whenever someone accuses their child of doing something wrong. Because of this, you can often expect to have a big fight on your hands as their pet’s reputation (not to mention money) is at stake.

Fair Compensation May Be a Difficult Nut to Crack

Like any kind of personal injury situation, getting compensation for your injuries if you attempt to represent yourself can often be difficult, especially when you’re dealing with dog bites. There are several factors involved, such as the severity of the bite, the level of pain and suffering, and the post-injury actions of the owner. The best way to ensure that you receive fair compensation for your injuries is to enlist the assistance of an experienced attorney.

The Effects of a Dog Bite Can Be Long-Lasting

Depending on the size and type of dog involved, a bite has the potential to cause a great deal of damage. In severe cases, you could even lose functionality in an extremity due to nerve damage or serious infection. These types of injuries are difficult to handle without legal representation — how do you even begin to calculate fair compensation, especially when the injury has negatively impacted your life?
Dog bites must be taken seriously. If you get bitten by a dog, seek medical assistance immediately and then reach out to the experienced attorneys at Mintz Law Firm. We’ve handled dozens of dog bite cases and understand how to assist you with receiving a favorable outcome. Give us a call today for a free, no-risk evaluation.

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