4 of the Most Unbelievable Truck Accidents

4 of the Most Unbelievable Truck Accidents

Driver Escapes with Minor Injuries

In New York City an uncanny personal injury accident occurred when a sanitation worker lost control of a garbage truck which crashed through the third floor of a maintenance facility, and was left dangling outside of the building. The truck’s entire cab was left sticking out of the building and was completely exposed.

The truck driver was left trapped inside of the vehicle until the New York Fire department came to his rescue.

The accident still remains under investigation.  This story was retrieved from here.

A Bizarre Truck Accident Shuts Down Highway Traffic

Interstate 45 in Houston was closed for hours after a truck accident left the truck bed tethering against an overhead highway sign.

The trucks empty bed lifted while traveling along the highway and smashed into the overhead structure. Houston Police are still investigating how this accident took place. The driver was left not personally injured in this truck accident, however, precautions need to be put in place to avoid future accidents of this nature.

Truck Stuck in Between Buildings for 26 Hours

This Lan Creek Soft Drinks Driver was delivering soft drinks and was searching for a parking space when his truck became lodged between two buildings. Additionally due to the lanes steep incline, the driver was unable to reverse and was left with no alternative but to stay in his position. He was forced to sleep in his cab over night while a rescue team was sent out to tow him back up the street. This motor vehicle accident caused minor damage to the properties and the driver was suspended from his job.

This story can be retrieved from here.

Truck Driver Survives an Incredible Cliffhanger after Brakes Fail

A driver with a 40 ton load of coal was traveling too fast to make an abrupt turn. When he made the turn, the brakes in the truck failed and his overloaded truck was left balancing above a 400 foot drop. The lucky trucker survived this dangerous accident.

This story can be retrieved from here.

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