Avoid the Top 3 Most Common Halloween Injuries

Avoid the Top 3 Most Common Halloween Injuries

Avoid the Top 3 Most Common Halloween Injuries

Halloween is fun for both kids and adults. Throwing on a costume and getting to be someone else for a day is exciting regardless of your age. Spooky season means pumpkins and scary movies. It’s a wonderful time to throw parties and spend time with family. Unfortunately, not even Halloween, with all its candy and fun costumes, is exempt from danger. Without the proper care, Halloween can go from a fun day to a day spent in the hospital. It’s important to enjoy the holiday while still being safe and proactive about avoiding common Halloween injuries. 

Having your Halloween ruined by an unexpected injury is never fun, but when your holiday is ruined because another person was reckless, that’s a new level of frustration. At Mintz Law Firm, we believe in holding negligent people accountable for their actions. Contact our firm today to start pursuing the compensation you deserve. 

3 Common Halloween Injuries and How to Avoid Them

Halloween is a time when fun and danger can overlap, making a fun activity into a trip to the ER. That’s why it’s important to go into the holiday prepared to keep yourself, your family, and others safe. Below is a list of the most common Halloween injuries and how to avoid them this October. 

Slip-And-Fall Injuries 

The very nature of Halloween breeds conditions for slip-and-fall accidents. Not only does it get dark faster because it’s autumn, meaning there’s naturally low visibility, but paths may be filled with decorations that are great for the intended effect but not for walking. On Halloween night, the roads and sidewalks are likely to be filled with people and cars, which can be dangerous if people aren’t paying attention. 

Avoid slip-and-fall injuries by ensuring your decorations don’t obscure anyone’s path. Make sure you can get around your costume and that it’s as practical or walking as it is in conveying the character you’ve chosen. Leave yourself and others room to navigate on the sidewalks without causing the other person to trip or fall.

Traffic Accidents 

Drivers and pedestrians alike have to be extra careful during Halloween. From the increase in drunk driving and the low visibility to the increase of pedestrians, Halloween can be a dangerous time for people. Pedestrians need to protect themselves by ensuring their visibility to oncoming traffic and following traffic laws, such as only crossing the street when they have the right-of-way. Drivers need to be extra aware of their surroundings, keeping a careful eye on their blind spots. 

Lacerations, Burns, and Eye Injuries

You’ll probably be pumpkin carving, lighting candles, messing around with tools to get the house all decorated, and more. All these activities are fun but, if not done with care, they are potentially dangerous. It’s common to see lacerations from the knives used to carve pumpkins because people may believe the activity doesn’t have the potential to send you to the ER. People may not exercise the proper caution when hanging up decorations, leading to severe eye injuries or burns. Halloween is a lot of fun, and you should get to enjoy it to the fullest. The best way to ensure that is to be careful, read instructions, and follow safety measures

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We can do everything in our power to prevent injury, but nonetheless, injuries happen. However, it’s incredibly frustrating when we suffer harm because someone else failed to exercise caution. A reckless person’s actions ruin not just your Halloween, but they can have devastating effects on your life. 

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