Aurora Firefighter Dies in Bike Accident

Aurora Firefighter Dies in Bike Accident

The following article is an example of how even when you do everything right, someone you have no control over may not be paying attention. Many people are injured in accidents everyday which they did not cause, had no control over, and are left with life changing injuries. An experienced personal injury attorney can be of assistance in a multitude of ways, especially when dealing with insurance companies.

In the spring of 2012 an Aurora firefighter died in a motor vehicle/bicycle accident, when a pickup truck collided with his bicycle. The firefighter was riding his bicycle to work when he was struck on East Quincy Avenue in Aurora, Colorado.
An Aurora Police Department news release has confirmed that witnesses saw the cyclist using the marked crosswalk, and crossing during the pedestrian crosswalk signal lights at the intersection. Witnesses also reported the pickup truck was not speeding; but traveling at a rate of 30mph on the 40mph roadway.

The driver, of the Dodge Ram pickup truck, that struck the cyclist stated he was blinded by the morning sunlight and did not see the bicycle or the traffic signal. When emergency units arrived on scene the bicycle rider was found on the ground and suffering severe injuries. The cyclist was then transported to a local hospital, where he later died due to the injuries sustained in the accident.

“This is a disturbing loss to the family, and the Aurora Fire Department,” reads a news release from the Aurora Fire Department. “Our thoughts, our hearts, and our prayers go out to Jason’s family. the Aurora Fire Department is grieving the loss of a colleague and a great friend.”

The deceases cyclist joined the Aurora Fire Department in February 2003, and held a position as an engineer.
Investigators determined the driver failed to yield to the red traffic signal, or acknowledge the bicycle. He was cited for careless driving resulting in death, and failure to provide proof of insurance upon request.

Bicycle/Motor Vehicle Accidents are extremely serious and can even be fatal. A personal injury lawyer who specializes in these types of cases can be a vital asset to an injured party, and the loved ones of the injured party from a bicycle/automobile accident. If you have questions or have been injured and need to speak with a Colorado accident attorney, please fill out one of our contact forms here.

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