Car Dealers Don’t Have to Inquire into a Buyer’s Driving History

Car Dealers Don’t Have to Inquire into a Buyer’s Driving History

Have you ever wondered if you could recover for your damages and injuries from a car dealer that sold a car to a driver without a valid driver’s license? The Colorado Court of Appeals recently answered that question in the case of Beasley v. Best Car Buys, LTD.

In that case the Plaintiff, Beasley, was struck by a vehicle driven by Reynoso, who had purchased the vehicle 8 days prior to the accident from Best Car Buys, LTD (BCB). Beasley sued BCB for negligence and negligent entrustment, claiming BCB, should not have sold Reynoso the car because he did not have a driver’s license and was not a safe driver.

Beasley claimed that BCB, negligently sold the car to Reynoso because BCB had a duty to investigate Reynoso’s driving history and declined to do so. Beasley further argued that BCB negligently entrusted the car to Reynoso without requiring that he present a valid driver’s license. The Court of Appeals disagreed.

In ruling against Beasley, the Court of Appeals held: (1) there is no legal requirement for automobile dealerships to conduct a search of a buyer’s driving history or inquire as to the status of the buyer’s driver’s license, and (2) there was no evidence in the record that BCB had any actual knowledge that Reynoso would use the vehicle in a manner likely to cause harm merely because he did not present a valid driver’s license.

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