How to Deal with Drunk Drivers on St. Patrick’s Day

How to Deal with Drunk Drivers on St. Patrick’s Day

How to Deal with Drunk Drivers on St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day may immediately cause one to think of wearing green and leprechauns looking for their pots of gold, but for millions of people across the country, it also means a time to go out with friends and celebrate. And, of course, many of the celebrations will include green beer, Irish whiskey, and other alcohol.

While many who imbibe on the upcoming holiday will be responsible and not drive while under the influence of alcohol, it’s a simple fact that some will not act responsibly. The professionals here at Mintz Law Firm want to make sure you and your loved ones get home safely on St. Patrick’s Day. To help keep you and everyone you’re celebrating with safe, it’s important that you read the tips below to help avoid the harm drunk drivers can cause.

How to Avoid Drunk Drivers

The best way to deal with drunk drivers on St. Patrick’s Day is to avoid them at all costs. You can do this in a variety of ways, and here are some of our favorites:

  • Plan a Date at Home – If you have a significant other, this might be the perfect time to stay home and cuddle up with a movie and a bottle of wine.
  • Have Friends Over – By organizing your own party, you can stay off the road and help other “sleep it off” instead of getting on the road themselves.
  • End Your Night Early – Drunk driving is more common after the bars close, so if you decide to go out, we suggest that you go home a little earlier than usual.
  • Be Mindful of Every Car and Consider Changing Your Route – Once you get on the road, make sure to pay very close attention to every vehicle and how each driver is handling that vehicle. Drivers going too fast, too slow, driving without their lights on, or unable to stay in their lane should be avoided, even if that means altering your route home.

What to Do If You Get in an Accident

Chances are, you’ll get home safe and sound, especially if you follow the tips listed above. But, if you do get into an accident involving a drunk driver, be sure to follow these other quick tips:

  • Don’t Panic and Call the Police – Getting struck by a drunk driver can be nerve-racking, but it’s important that you remain calm. Always call the police to the scene of the accident, even if the damage to your car seems small or the other driver begs you to not get the police involved.
  • Check on Others and Call for Medical Attention – Make a quick assessment of how everyone in your vehicle is doing and advise them not to move. If anyone feels pain call 911 to obtain emergency medical care.
  • Stay in Your Car – Inebriated drivers may behave erratically before and after an accident, so it’s best to stay in your car after the accident.
  • Give Your Statement to the Police – Unless you’re too injured to do so, give your statement to the police while the events of the accident are fresh in your mind.
  • Don’t Say Too Much – Although you should tell the police what happened and report any injuries to yourself or others in the vehicle, keep your account brief. You don’t want something that you say to be misunderstood or construed as accepting responsibility for causing the accident.
  • Call an Attorney ASAP – As soon as you’re feeling up to it, reach out for legal help.

Don’t Worry – We Have Your Back!

Mintz Law Firm is well-versed in dealing with drunk driving accidents. These types of accidents often come with substantial damage and injuries, so it’s important that you get someone on your side as quickly as possible. Our attorneys will fight for your rights and ensure that you are treated fairly by the insurance company and informed of our rights. We hope that you and your loved ones have a safe St. Patrick’s Day, but if you find yourself in any type of vehicular accident – involving a drunk driving or not – reach out to us for a free case evaluation.

How to Deal with Drunk Drivers on St. Patrick’s Day

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