Injured While Vacationing in Colorado? Here’s What You Can Do

Injured While Vacationing in Colorado? Here’s What You Can Do

Injured While Vacationing in Colorado? Here’s What You Can Do

Vacationing in Colorado is the perfect way to relax, get some rest, and enjoy a little time off. But if you’re injured while on vacation, your relaxation can quickly turn into a very stressful situation. An accident while on vacation in Colorado can leave you with not just serious injuries, but also substantial medical expenses.

If you require a personal injury lawyer in Colorado, the Mintz Law Firm attorneys have experience with vacation accidents and can represent you and work on your behalf to try and get you the compensation you may be entitled to. If your accident was the result of someone else’s negligence, it’s very important to reach out to a lawyer as soon as possible. 

Common Types of Vacation Accidents in Colorado 

If you are suffering an injury while you were vacationing in Colorado, you may wonder if you should contact a personal injury lawyer. Regardless of the circumstances that led to your injury, each accident case is unique and a vacation accident attorney may be able to help you after your accident. There are a number of vacation accidents that are common that a lawyer may be able to help with, including:

Water Park Injuries 

These are particularly common in families that have younger children, as children often can’t swim or are just learning. Water park injuries can occur due to overcrowding in the pool area, a negligent lifeguard, a lack of safety warnings, or because of other possible hazards.

Ski Resort Accident

During the ski season, around 10 individuals wind up in Colorado emergency departments each day, on average. Ski accidents can occur for various reasons, including falling off a gondola, another skier’s negligence, or running into a structure that the ski resort didn’t clearly mark.

Car Accident 

Even while vacationing in Colorado, car accidents can occur. Car accidents while on vacation not only leave victims with injuries, but they can also lead to a very stressful situation when you’re now having to deal with car rentals and insurance laws for another state. This is why it’s especially important to reach out to local Colorado authorities if this happens. 

Electric Scooter Accidents

A Denver vacation may seem like a great time to go riding on an electric scooter. But, riders who are inexperienced can hit bumps in the road, be hit by motor vehicles, or collide with pedestrians.

It’s important to know your rights and legal options following a vacation accident in Colorado. This is why it’s so important to contact a personal injury lawyer in Colorado if you’ve been injured while on vacation.

What to Do If You’re Injured While on Vacation in Colorado 

If you’re injured while vacationing in Colorado, it’s important that you know the next steps to take. A Colorado vacation accident lawyer can explain these steps to you in greater detail, but these steps can include:

Seeking Medical Care 

The very first thing you should do when you’re injured while on vacation is to seek medical attention. The most important thing is ensuring your physical safety. Also, seeking medical care helps you establish evidence that you were involved in an accident and suffered injuries because of it. This evidence is important for later on when you’re attempting to pursue compensation.

Reporting the Accident

Some types of accidents must be reported to law enforcement. Certain jurisdictions may not require you to contact police following a minor car accident if nobody was injured and there was no property damage. But, it’s still best to report the accident to Colorado officials just in case. 

A Colorado personal injury lawyer can inform you of what you should do regarding reporting the accident. It’s also essential to make the report directly to the place your accident occurred if you can. For instance, if you were injured in a store, you should try to file an incident report with the store. Doing this will help confirm that you did have an accident and it will also link your damages and injuries with the store or whichever location you had the accident.

Identifying Witnesses

It’s important to know who witnessed your accident if anyone. Because you’re not in your actual hometown, the investigation to find any witnesses may not be as easy to do. But obtaining this essential information upfront can help prove you’re entitled to damages and can streamline your case.

Document the Accident Scene

You only have one chance to document the accident scene at the time it occurs. There are a couple of things that are essential. First is if there is anything at the scene that could have contributed to your injuries and accident. Second, you’ll want to take photos of the scene itself as well.

Determine Jurisdiction

When you’re injured while vacationing in Colorado, it may be a little challenging to know which court has jurisdiction over your case. This could be the area where your accident occurred, but there could also be other reasons why it would be better to file your claim in another area, such as where a company’s headquarters is. Figuring out which court has the jurisdiction for your case can make or break a travel-related injury legal claim, so it’s best to consult with a Colorado personal injury lawyer immediately after your accident.

Contact our Reliable Colorado Personal Injury Attorneys at Mintz Law Firm Today 

At Mintz Law Firm, our vacation accident lawyers can assist you in determining what your entitled damages are and help you pursue them. How much compensation you’re entitled to will depend on your medical bills, the extent of your injuries, if you’ve lost wages because of your injuries, and how much pain and suffering you’re enduring.

If you’ve been injured while vacationing in Colorado, it’s important you follow the steps above and give our law offices a call at (303) 462-2999 or fill out our online contact form to schedule your free consultation today to see if you are entitled to compensation for your vacation accident injuries.

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