Eliminate Blind Spot - Avoid Auto Accident

Eliminate Blind Spot – Avoid Auto Accident

Tips on How to Greatly Reduce our “Blind Spot”

There are thousands of motor vehicle accidents each day and one of the main causes is the “blind spot.” An accident caused by a blind spot is typical when a motorist is switching lanes without noticing another motor vehicle coming up from the side. It is important prior to operating an automobile you make sure that your side mirrors and rear view mirror is properly adjusted. While many accidents can be preventable, blind spot accidents tend to be negligent and are not deemed as reckless or road rage.

Blind spot accidents are most common when merging into traffic or merging out of traffic. When another vehicle is trailing close behind and the driver changes lanes without recognizing their blind spot, accidents will occur.

It is highly recommended that a motorist check their blind spots before merging into other lanes:

  • Always check your rear-view mirror and side mirrors before changing lanes
  • Always pay attention to the traffic around you
  • You should avoid hand held cell phone usage when operating a vehicle. While cell phone usage can cause accidents motorist are more likely to neglect blind spots when talking on a phone
  • When merging into a lane always double check to make sure a car is not beside you

Let’s point out all of the blind spots that are crucially important to pay attention to when driving.

For a starter, a very simple way we can greatly reduce our blind spots by properly adjusting our mirrors to give the widest coverage possible. Make the adjustments in your vehicle before you start to drive.

First, adjust your rear view mirror to give the best possible view directly to the rear of your car. The rear view mirror should look to the rear.

Next, lean your head until it almost touches the driver’s side window. Adjust your side mirror so that you can just barely see the side of your car.

Now, lean your head to the middle of the car and adjust the outside mirror so that you can barely see the right side of the car.

With your mirrors adjusted this way, you’ll have maximum coverage. Of course driving is a dynamic process – things change every second. So it’s wise to take a quick look to the side when passing to make sure that another vehicle hasn’t moved into an area you couldn’t see in your mirrors.

Depending on the kind of vehicle you drive you may still have some blind spots. All vehicles have an area behind them that’s blind when backing up. The bigger the vehicle, the bigger the blind spot. A pick up or SUV can hide a small child – an RV, bus or tractor-trailer can hide an entire vehicle. So be careful.

As you drive around, avoid staying in other drivers’ blind spots. You can’t count on them to be watching their mirrors and looking out for you. This can definitely help you avoid a Colorado automobile accident.

If you have been involved in an accident due to the negligence of another, you should always consider contacting a automobile accident attorney. A car accident attorney can be beneficial to an injured individual who is interested in getting compensation for their injuries.

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