Why Following Physician Instructions Is So Important in Personal Injury Cases

Why Following Physician Instructions Is So Important in Personal Injury Cases

Doctor giving patient directions on how to proceed with their injury. How following the doctors recommendations will benefit you during a personal injury claim.

After an accident, it’s important to seek out medical attention even if you believe you only suffered minor injuries. Some symptoms may not immediately surface, which is why it’s vital that you get examined and are appropriately assessed so you can understand the true extent of your injuries and help prevent further damage. While the most challenging part of the accident may seem like the accident itself, some victims find the aftermath even more challenging. 

Not only do they face a long, frustrating, and time-consuming road to recovery, but they are also dealing with pursuing a personal injury claim. The recovery process and a personal injury claim can be so long or stressful that people may ignore their doctor’s instructions or skip out on medical care because it’s too much. Unfortunately, this not only negatively impacts their health and recovery, but it can also impact the success of their claim and chance to recover compensation.

Why It’s in Your Best Interest to Follow Your Doctor’s Instructions

Sometimes it’s easy to dismiss a doctor’s instructions, especially if we don’t believe it’s necessary or think we know of something better to do for our health. While it’s always important to listen to a doctor’s instructions because they are telling us how to best go about our recovery, when it comes to an injury caused by a personal injury accident, it’s essential that people listen to their doctors and follow their instructions as much as they can. 

Most of the time, if you dismiss or ignore a doctor’s instructions, that’s your choice, and it rarely leaks into other aspects of your health. However, when you don’t follow your doctor’s instructions in the midst of a personal injury claim, you’re not only making a choice that impacts your health but also your chances to recover compensation.

Insurance Companies Can Use Your Actions Against You 

Insurance companies are not on your side. Their goal is to limit their payout as much as possible, regardless of how that may impact you. One of the tactics they can use is to try and minimize the value of your claim by using the fact you failed for whatever reason to follow your doctor’s instructions. 

The insurance company can claim that since you aren’t doing exactly what your doctor has instructed you to do, your injuries are not as bad as you’re claiming and insinuate that you exaggerate your symptoms when speaking with your doctor. They can also argue that your injuries are not healing or worsening because you failed to do what your doctor said. 

Your Doctor Helps Document Your Injury 

A vital element of a personal injury claim is the evidence. Without supporting evidence, it’s unlikely you’ll recover compensation. Your doctor and their notes are important evidence that your attorney can use to ensure you have a strong claim and can recover maximum compensation. If your doctor’s assessment reinforces your claim, you have a better chance of achieving a favorable outcome.

Benefit From the Experience of Our Colorado Personal Injury Lawyer

Insurance companies will do what they can to minimize claims or deny them. The personal injury lawyers at Mintz Law Firm are familiar with insurance company tactics and prepare their clients so they can avoid mistakes that may harm their claim. It may feel like a complicated process, but we are here to make sure you have the legal guidance and support to get the best possible results. 

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