How is Liability for Burn Injuries Established?

How is Liability for Burn Injuries Established?

If you have suffered burn injuries, whether due to a fire, appliance failure, or faulty hot tool, you may have the right to obtain significant compensation. However, it’s important to work with a lawyer to help prove liability. At Mintz Law Firm, we are deeply committed to standing up for individuals who have endured injuries, including those from burn incidents. Moreover, our team is focused on securing justice for victims of not only burns but also automobile, motorcycle, and workplace accidents. 

We promise to maintain honest and transparent communication, keeping in touch with our clients at every step of the legal journey. This philosophy is central to handling cases involving burn injuries, providing personalized attention and legal guidance to ensure our clients receive the compensation they deserve​​​​. 

The Four Elements of Proving Liability in a Burn Injury Claim

For personal injury claims, including burn injuries, once you have proven liability of the responsible party, you will then be able to receive compensation for the losses and injuries they have caused you to suffer. The following are the four essential elements of how to establish liability and a brief overview of how each is determined:

Duty of Care

In short, duty of care is the responsibility of others to prioritize the well-being of everyone their actions might impact. For example, a manufacturing company owes a duty of care to customers that the appliances and tools they sell are safe when used normally. The company also owes a duty of care to warn customers about any potential dangers. Different laws may dictate what duty of care looks like for each industry and individual.

Breach of Duty of Care (Negligence)

If a manufacturing company realizes some of their appliances are faulty but chooses to send them out for sale anyway, they are likely negligent if an accident or injuries do arise. Choosing to break duty of care, failing to warn customers of dangers, choosing not to address faulty or broken units, and manufacturing unsafe products may all fall under negligence. Faulty appliances can often lead to burn injuries, leading to negligence for the manufacturer. 


You must also directly connect any injuries you experience to the responsible party’s negligent actions. Generally, you can seek medical care as soon as possible. Any documentation related to your medical care will serve as helpful evidence during your claim.

Economic Damages

While you can also receive compensation for non-economic damages, you must first demonstrate that you have suffered economic losses. Financial losses may include medical bills, lost wages, property damage, and other damages with objective monetary value.

A lawyer from Mintz Law Firm can provide significant legal support during your burn injury claim, making a challenging and complex matter much less stressful.

What Compensation Can You Obtain After a Burn Injury?

Following a burn injury due to another party’s negligence, you will likely qualify for compensation from the liable party. Any of the following damages are likely to qualify for this financial recovery:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Reduced earning capacity
  • Property damage or loss
  • Past and future medical expenses
  • Lost wages, including any future lost income or benefits
  • Physical therapy
  • Funeral costs
  • Reconstructive surgery
  • In-home rehabilitation
  • Disability
  • Motor vehicle repairs
  • Emergency medical treatment
  • Change in lifestyle
  • Loss of consortium/companionship
  • Emotional distress
  • Punitive damages

When you work with Mintz Law Firm burn injury lawyers, we can help determine your qualifying damages, estimate the value of your claim, and increase the compensation you can obtain during legal matters.

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If you have suffered burn injuries, determining liability is a critical step toward receiving the compensation you deserve. At Mintz Law Firm, we specialize in personal injury claims, including burn injuries. Establishing liability in burn injury cases requires a meticulous approach, including gathering evidence, understanding the circumstances that led to the injury, and applying the relevant laws. 

We are committed to providing personalized care, leveraging our extensive experience to navigate the legal system on your behalf. Contact Mintz Law Firm today for a free consultation. Our compassionate and skilled attorneys are here to help you understand your rights and fight for the compensation you need for recovery. Contact us by completing our contact form or by calling us at (303) 462-2999.

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