How to Prove Negligent Hiring After a Truck Accident?

How to Prove Negligent Hiring After a Truck Accident?

How to Prove Negligent Hiring After a Truck Accident?

If you have been in a truck accident where the driver is responsible, you may want to take direct action against the company for hiring someone negligent. After all, anyone hired to do any job should either have the necessary skills before hiring or be trained and show an adequate understanding of these skills before doing the job. This should especially be the case when performing job tasks could put others in danger of serious injuries. But how can you prove that a company was negligent in hiring a particular truck driver?

You will need to demonstrate that the driver’s actions directly caused you to suffer severe injuries and economic losses. Showing that the driver was negligent in some way is also necessary, so you will need to identify whether they were not following specific traffic laws, they were distracted or on their phone, they were speeding, or something similar. Establishing negligence on the company’s part can be difficult, but Mintz Law Firm can help.

How Do You Prove Negligence During the Hiring Process?

To prove negligence during a personal injury case, whether relating to the hiring process or otherwise, you must demonstrate that several aspects are true. Establishing the following items is vital in showing the court system that you need financial compensation for your losses:

  • You were owed a duty of care: All trucking companies and motorists owe others a duty of care, meaning they must act in ways that protect your safety and life. For instance, a trucking company might owe the responsibility of only hiring drivers who have the proper licenses to drive a truck. You may need additional information and evidence to prove that the trucking company did not follow through on providing a duty of care during hiring.
  • Someone acted negligently: Truck drivers can quickly put you and others in harm’s way by acting negligently and breaking the law. If you believe that a truck driver was a poor hiring decision because they drive carelessly, this may be something you can show.
  • Negligence directly results in injuries: While the truck driver may break the law, their actions may not immediately result in injuries every time. You must show that their behavior directly caused your injuries.
  • You suffered losses due to the incident: You can get compensation for all losses, including economic and non-economic damages. These monetary damages may include property damage, medical bills, wrongful death, impacts on your income, and similar losses.

Proving that someone is negligent is always tricky, primarily when you work without a qualified truck accident attorney. We recommend retaining support from a Mintz Law Firm truck accident lawyer specializing in truck accident cases. Our team can aid you by collecting and analyzing evidence, accurately demonstrating your claim, and increasing the economic value of your case.

Get Invaluable Support and Fair Compensation When You Work With Mintz Law Firm’s Truck Accident Lawyers

If you have received severe injuries from a truck accident, whether you feel the driver should not have been hired or otherwise, you have the right to hold liable parties accountable. You don’t have to manage legal matters alone, as a truck accident lawyer from Mintz Law Firm can offer valuable support. We serve clients in many locations around Colorado, and we would be proud to aid you during your time of need.
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