If You’re Injured in Colorado, Do You Need a Colorado Lawyer?

If You’re Injured in Colorado, Do You Need a Colorado Lawyer?

If You’re Injured in Colorado, Do You Need a Colorado Lawyer?

Not every personal injury claim will require the assistance of a Colorado lawyer. However, it’s essential that you know when you will require the help of an experienced personal injury attorney when you’ve been injured in Colorado and how they can assist you in obtaining the compensation you may deserve.

When you’re making this decision, it’s important that you know that the state of Colorado has certain deadlines in place for filing a lawsuit for a personal injury. You have two years to file a lawsuit following an injury. If you fail to meet this deadline, you may not be able to bring your case to court any longer. This deadline is referred to as a statute of limitations. If you’ve been injured, you should seek the guidance of a Colorado personal injury lawyer.

Do You Need a Colorado Personal Injury Lawyer? 

There’s no set formula that will advise you if you require legal assistance or not other than speaking directly to a personal injury lawyer. However, under the following circumstances, chances are you will want to consult and hire a personal injury attorney.

When You Face a Statute of Limitations 

Depending on the type of accident you suffered, you could be facing a statute of limitations to file your claim against the at-fault party. In essence, this means you have a certain time frame in which you’re able to seek compensation for your losses and injuries due to an accident. 

When you’re facing a statute of limitations, trying to gather evidence, build up a strong case, and file your claim to seek compensation to support your family and recover from your injuries can get overwhelming. An experienced Colorado personal injury lawyer will do these types of things before the deadline on your behalf. 

Your Injuries Are Permanent or Long-Term 

Some types of injuries can leave you permanently disfigured or may leave you with a long-term disability, such as traumatic brain injury (TBI). Then there are still other types of injuries that could potentially leave you requiring the help of long-term rehabilitation or medical care.

In cases like these, you may require the assistance of a reputable Denver personal injury lawyer to assist you in estimating your future medical costs. 

The Insurance Company is Working With You in Bad Faith

If you’re unfamiliar with the term “bad faith,” it essentially means dishonestly. While the law prohibits an insurance company from dealing with victims in bad faith, all too often it still occurs. Some insurance company’s bad faith tactics may include:

  • Giving you misleading information
  • Stalling you with a number of small delays
  • Aggressively pursuing a low settlement offer unfairly
  • Requiring you to submit excess documentation
  • Dismissing your claim with simplistic and blithe answers or without discussion at all

If you feel an insurance company is dealing with you in bad faith, trust your instincts.

Liability is in Dispute

Defendants frequently try to come up with arguments that they’re somehow not at fault or responsible for victims’ damages. Even so, you’re going to require a Colorado personal injury attorney when the facts are putting liability in real dispute and you’re not certain whether you’re at-fault or the other party is.

You Have a Complex Claim

Certain personal injury claims are a breeze, while others can be very complex. An example of this would be your injury claim involving multiple parties. Likewise, you may have a scientifically complex claim, which are common with product liability claims. Personal injury lawyers can help you sort through this and figure out how to litigate your claim.

When You Require Legal Guidance and Advocacy

It can be very overwhelming trying to file a personal injury claim without the help of legal assistance. You have to:

  • Collect witness statements
  • Fill out numerous forms
  • Navigate the legal system
  • File your claim
  • Deal with reluctant insurance companies

With all this on your plate, it can be too simple to inadvertently make an error or miss certain important details that may actually cost you your case.

An experienced personal injury lawyer in Colorado can provide you with support and guidance throughout the entire legal process. They can help take the legal burden away from you so you can focus on healing from your injuries and spending time with your loved ones.

Can I Afford a Colorado Personal Injury Lawyer? 

One main reason accident victims may be hesitant to hire an attorney is because they believe they can’t afford one. However, nearly all personal injury attorneys work on what’s known as a contingency basis, which means your attorney doesn’t get paid unless you win your case or you’re able to settle your case outside of court.

A contingency fee agreement works by allowing the attorney to receive their legal fees right out of your damage award or settlement. It’s common that this type of agreement is structured based on a percentage of the funds you receive. For instance, an agreement could stipulate that your attorney receives 20% if you settle a claim prior to filing a lawsuit, or 40% if your case ends up going to court and a jury awards the damages. It depends on each firm. 

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Dealing with insurance companies can get very confusing. It’s important to keep in mind that the insurance adjusters are not on your side and that their job is to save as much money for the insurance company as they can. This can end up being unfair to you, which is why it’s important that you have an experienced lawyer standing up for your best interests when you’re dealing with insurance companies.

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