It’s a Slippery Slope: Skiing and Snowboarding Safety

It’s a Slippery Slope: Skiing and Snowboarding Safety

As winter arrives in our great state, the already beautiful landscape becomes absolutely gorgeous everywhere you look. The residents of Colorado, of course, know exactly how to take advantage of this time of year, and that’s why you’ll see so many of us bundling up and grabbing our skiing and snowboarding equipment for a weekend of snow-filled fun.

However, every year, many Colorado residents and visitors are involved in skiing and snowboarding accidents that could easily be avoided. To that end, we have compiled a few quick tips that will allow you to enjoy this winter wonderland of ours while remaining safe out on the slopes.

Check Your Equipment

Equipment that you purchase for skiing or snowboarding isn’t exactly cheap, so many people will avoid replacing old or damaged equipment for as long as possible. This can, however, create a dangerous situation where a malfunction or mishap is more likely, thereby increasing the chance of injury. Before you head out on the slopes, be sure to check every piece of equipment that you plan to use. This also goes for clothing, which is meant to protect you from both the elements and potential injuries.

Use Your Equipment Properly

We’ve all seen people use equipment in ways that it was never intended to be used. Each piece of equipment used for skiing and snowboarding comes with a set of safety guidelines in addition to instructions that govern their usage. In order to stay safe on the slopes, you must adhere to all of these guidelines. The ones who think the rules don’t apply to them are often the ones who get harmed because of improper use of the equipment.

Don’t Disregard Fitness

Skiing and snowboarding are strenuous activities, and they take a certain level of strength, flexibility, and endurance to take part in properly. People who are out of shape or haven’t kept up with any kind of fitness routine are more apt to be severely injured when they fall or crash while out on the snow. If you don’t already follow a fitness routine, it’s a good idea to begin one at least a few weeks before you head out on the slopes. Just don’t overdo it, or you’ll injure yourself before it’s the best conditions arrive.

Stay on the Trail and Follow Its Rules

Each trail has its own set of rules that are intended to keep skiers and snowboarders safe. Yet, without fail, you’ll witness people breaking these rules. Like the safety precautions with pieces of equipment, some people believe that these rules do not apply to them.

These are the people who are more likely to be injured, or injure others, while out on the snow. Please make sure to follow the rules so that everyone on the slope is safe.

Don’t Go Above Your Skill Level

We understand that skiing and snowboarding are exciting activities and that you want to advance in your skills quickly so that you can get even more enjoyment out of them. Unfortunately, going above your skill level can put you in a precarious situation where injury is more likely. Exceeding your skill level can also put other skiers and riders around you at risk. We understand that you want to advance your skills and push the limits of your abilities, but be smart about pushing your limits. Move up safely by choosing the proper time and location on the mountain to test your limits.

No matter how many safety precautions you take, there’s always the possibility that you will be involved in a skiing or snowboarding accident caused by someone else. If this occurs to you or a loved one, be sure to reach out to the experienced attorneys at Mintz Law Firm. We will provide you with a free case evaluation and the expertise that your case needs.

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