Most Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents in Colorado 

Most Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents in Colorado 

Most Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents in Colorado 

May is Motorcycle Safety Month, which demonstrates the need for all drivers to be aware and cautious when motorcyclists are on the road. Colorado is a great state for motorcycling given the countless breathtaking and scenic views.

Unfortunately, not every motorcycle ride is a pleasant journey. According to the Colorado Department of Transportation, about 100 Colorado motorcyclists die each year in accidents, with thousands more suffering from severe injuries. Traffic accidents can be particularly hazardous for motorcycle riders since bikes do not have the same safety equipment as cars. Understanding the common causes of motorcycle accidents is one of several ways you can keep yourself safe. 

If you are in a motorcycle accident in Colorado, do not hesitate to contact the motorcycle accident attorneys at the Mintz Law Firm. Our attorneys will explain the legal process and protect your rights throughout your injury claim. 

Top 4 Common Causes of Colorado Motorcycle Crashes 

Many accident victims automatically assume if another driver hits them, they can obtain compensation. However, your attorney must prove the other driver was negligent in their actions. Ways an attorney can do this is by detailing the type of motorcycle accident. Some causes of motorcycle accidents may include head-on collisions, cars turning left, or speeding vehicles. 

Head-On Accidents 

Many accidents happen when another vehicle hits a motorcycle head-on. They often occur on two-way streets that do not have a median separating opposing lanes. These crashes may also happen if another driver goes the wrong way or travels on the wrong side of the road. Depending on the vehicles’ speed, the motorcyclist can either be crushed or thrown from their bike, hitting a hard surface. 

A good rule of thumb is to follow the Four Rs to avoid a head-on crash:

  • Read the road ahead
  • Drive to right
  • Reduce your speed
  • Ride off the road 

As long as you are careful and aware of your surroundings, you significantly increase your chance of avoiding a head-on crash. 

Cars Turning Left 

Another common cause of motorcycle accidents is when a car makes a left-hand turn in front of a bike. These accidents usually happen when a motorcycle goes through an intersection, passes a car, or overtakes another vehicle. Unfortunately, the only way to avoid these accidents is to anticipate a driver’s next move. 

A clear indication that a car is turning is if they have their blinker on at an intersection. Drivers also tend to do a last-second look both ways before turning. Some may even begin to slow down before turning on their signal. If you notice any of these signs, begin to slow down. Move over to the outermost lane away from the turning car and always be prepared to take evasive action. 


Speeding is often a factor contributing to motorcycle accidents in Colorado, and both drivers and motorcyclists can be responsible for speeding accidents. Lawmakers put speed limits in place for everyone’s safety in optimal driving conditions. If weather or road conditions are poor, reduce your speed. 

Furthermore, you might encounter a driver who is speeding up behind you. When this happens, do not increase your speed. Instead, safely merge to another lane and allow the driver to pass. Brakes and steering functions are already sensitive on motorcycles, and excessive speeding can cause you to lose control of the vehicle.


Misuse of alcohol, drugs, and other controlled substances causes significant problems for motorcycle and vehicle drivers. It is crucial to identify the signs of a drunk driver, such as drifting between lanes or stopping at random times. If you notice any of these signs, pull off the road and report the vehicle to law enforcement. 

Additionally, always operate a motorcycle sober. Not only is driving under the influence illegal in Colorado, but it creates unnecessary risks. Alcohol and drugs can impair your ability to maintain balance, react quickly, focus, judge distance, and stay awake. If you were involved in a motorcycle accident due to a drunk driver, contact our Denver DUI accident attorneys.

Experienced Motorcycle Accident Attorneys in Michigan 

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