Please Don’t End Your Summer in an Auto Accident

Please Don’t End Your Summer in an Auto Accident

auto accidentThink summer is a safe time for driving? Think again. Although summer means longer daylight hours and improved driving conditions, you can’t be lulled into a false sense of security. Although the majority of drivers feel safer when driving throughout the summer, numerous reports from authorities like the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and AAA have found that more automobile accidents occur during the summer than any other season throughout the year.

What Causes the Increased Risk for Automobile Accidents During the Summer?

There are a number of reasons why summer driving is actually riskier than other times of the year. For starters, there are a lot more drivers out on the roads. As millions of people pack up and head out on family road trips and vacations, the highways fill up. At the same time, these people are putting in long hours, causing over-tired drivers and the increased likelihood of a crash. Warm weather can heat up asphalt, too, raising the odds for a tire blowout and possible overheating. Summer holidays can also mean an increase in the number of drunk drivers on the roads. On top of everything else, drivers are more likely to be lax with their driving as they feel more confident cruising around in smooth summer conditions than in snowy winter conditions.

How Can I Stay Safe on the Roads All Summer Long?

Regardless of what the numbers have to say, there’s absolutely no reason for you and your loved ones to become another statistic while driving this summer. Being aware of the increased risks associated with driving during this particular time of year can help you remain more alert and at-the-ready. Beyond this, there are several smart steps that you can take in order to decrease the chances of being involved in an auto accident throughout the summer months:

Give Your Car a Tune-up

The majority of Colorado drivers tend to give a lot of thought to their cars and tires during the winter months, as they demand a great deal of traction in order to navigate icy roads. Just because the weather is warm and beautiful right now doesn’t mean that you should ignore vehicle maintenance. Make sure that you have your tires thoroughly checked for sufficient tread, and check tire pressure on a regular basis. It’s smart to take your car in for a tire rotation and alignment check, and to have the professionals conduct a safety check on the entire vehicle while they’re at it.

Stay Rested 

After driving long hours on a road trip, you can start to get drowsy and your reflexes can be negatively impacted. Be sure to take regular breaks in order to stretch your legs and refresh your brain, even if you don’t feel sleepy yet. If you’re too tired to drive, switch off with another licensed driver or pull over to someplace safe in order to rest, such as a Love’s, TA, or other truck stop.

Practice Safe Following Distances 

Always stay fully aware of the cars immediately ahead of you and surrounding you so that you have plenty of room to brake and/or maneuver in the event of an unexpected situation.

Stay Off Cellphones 

Distracted driving is especially dangerous during the summer months. There’s no reason for you or a loved one to be texting while behind the wheel or attempting to use a phone to snap pictures or access social media. Always pull safely off the road and put your car into park before operating a cellphone.

Carry an Emergency Kit 

It’s always smart to have emergency gear on hand, such as jumper cables, tire patch kits, a flashlight, and a first aid kit.

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