Safety Tips in The Workplace

Safety Tips in The Workplace

It is very important that employees are staying safe in the workplace. Many accidents happen every year that can be easily prevented with a little extra work and effort. Our work comp attorneys at Mintz Law Firm have gathered some tips that may just help you prevent an accident or injury!

Accidents and emergency situations can happen in any environment, in any industry, at any time. In 2008, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported 3.7 million recordable injuries and 5,071 fatal workplace injuries. And, although the employer may be the responsible for creating a safe work environment, it is the responsibility of each individual employee to take an active role in maintaining safety at their worksite every day.

Thorough analysis and understanding of potential hazards and accident causes is, of course, key to preventing workplace accidents. You and the management team certainly need to take the lead in this effort. But you can’t do it alone. Without the involvement and cooperation of your employees, you’ll never really succeed in preventing workplace accidents.
10 Ways to Stay Safe in the Workplace & Stimulate Employee Involvement

According to BLR’s OSHA Compliance Advisor, there are at least 10 simple steps you can take to get employees involved in preventing workplace accidents.

1. Ownership
Give workers responsibility for such actions as planning and conducting inspections, analyzing their own data on work hazards, and developing safety checklists.
2. Leadership
Set an example by taking the same precautions, and wearing the same PPE, as you expect your workers to do. Be on the lookout for potential hazards and point them out to your workers.
3. Understanding
Explain the “why” of safety so that employees will realize that hazards put their own personal health and safety at risk.
4. Commitment
Strive to get commitment from every employee that safety is a number one priority.
5. Goals
Set clear, firm standards for workplace behavior—and enforce them.
6. Competence
Train employees so that they will have the information and develop the skills that enable them to work safely and avoid accidents.
7. Feedback
Praise employees who identify and correct hazards or report problems they can’t fix.
8. Teamwork
Use every opportunity to encourage workers to play an active role in workplace safety and accident prevention.
9. Responsiveness
Make sure you respond promptly to identify hazards and take immediate steps to correct them.
10. Persistence
Remember, and have your workers remember, that accident prevention is an ongoing challenge that must be focused on every day—always improving, setting new safety objectives, and making steady progress toward achieving them.

Keep in mind of these hazardous situations and stay safe!

1. Being on the Road – According to The Occupational Safety & Health Administration workplace driving accidents cost employers an average of $60 billion annually. To help stay safe, there are a number of tasks both employers and employees can do to stay safe on the road.

Monthly Inspections on Company Vehicles

Check for Problems with Company Vehicles

Follow Safe Driving Plans

Abide by All Traffic Laws

2.Extreme Weather Conditions – Your job may require you to work in some extreme conditions. Whether inside or outdoors, exposure to heat or cold can often affect your duties, and both very cold and very hot temperatures can impact with your health.

3. Protect Yourself in all Ways – Personal Protective Equipment is an important part in preventing workplace injuries. OSHA and other agencies having jurisdiction require the use of PPE to reduce exposure to various hazards. Management should have policies and procedures in place for using PPE, and it is the employee’s duty to use it correctly. Employees should undergo training and practice wearing PPE properly.

Eye and Face Protection
Head Protection
Foot Protection
Hand Protection
Hearing Protection

4. Report Dangers – Reporting unsafe situations is one way you can improve the safety of your worksite.

5. Keep Your Workplace Clean – Poor housekeeping in your office setting or at a worksite can cause frequent workplace accidents.


Nothing in this information is intended nor should it be considered legal advice. We provide general information. If you need legal advice, consult your attorney.


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