The Impact of Not Wearing a Helmet in a Bicycle Accident Claim

The Impact of Not Wearing a Helmet in a Bicycle Accident Claim

The Impact of Not Wearing a Helmet in a Bicycle Accident Claim

Imagine riding your bicycle to get in a portion of your daily exercise, where you utilize some of the bike lanes in your neighborhood. Maybe you typically wear a bike helmet, but you were in a rush as you were heading out the door. Most places don’t require a bicycle helmet if you’re over 18, and Colorado does not require riders to wear them at all. Since you’re following the law, maybe you figure it won’t matter and you won’t get in trouble.

While you may think whether or not you wear a helmet is not a big deal, it may play a role in your ability to receive certain compensation if you are involved in an accident. Taking certain safety precautions, even if they are not required by law, can make a significant difference in your claims. If you’re confused or concerned about this, you don’t need to worry about handling these matters alone. The bicycle accident lawyers from Mintz Law Firm can help you manage your case, as we have the confidence and knowledge needed to move through the processes efficiently and quickly.

Does Wearing a Helmet Change My Bicycle Accident Case?

Whether you choose to wear a helmet or not can play a role in your bike accident case in several ways, such as:

Reducing Your Fault in an Accident

If you wear a helmet whenever you ride your bike, you may significantly decrease the severity of any injuries. The same can be said for other padding and safety equipment, as these provide a barrier between you and any dangerous obstacles or materials in your path. By wearing a helmet, the legal system may interpret that you are less responsible for the accident than other parties.

Affecting the Compensation You Can Obtain

If you don’t wear a helmet and the legal system decides that wearing a helmet could have reduced expenses and injuries, you may qualify for less compensation. The court may determine that even though someone else is responsible for the accident, you are ultimately responsible for specific preventable bodily harm. For example, you are less likely to experience severe head trauma or brain injury if you wear a bike helmet.

How Can a Lawyer Help With Your Bicycle Accident Case?

A lawyer can help with your legal matters in several ways, no matter the case you are involved in. If you receive severe injuries due to a bicycle accident, we recommend you work with a lawyer with experience in these kinds of cases. Your bicycle accident lawyer can help you by collecting evidence and information, handling insurance companies, leveling the playing field against other representatives, and much more.

We recommend you avoid representing yourself during your legal proceedings, as you may negatively impact your results. Since not wearing a helmet can reduce the compensation you can collect, it is far better to work with a lawyer to mitigate further loss. In some cases, your lawyer may be able to convince the legal system that you have acted within your rights and help you qualify for more compensation than you would if you work alone.

Injured in Colorado? The Bicycle Accident Lawyers From Mintz Law Firm are Here to Help

If you suffer injuries after a bicycle accident in Colorado, you don’t need to handle legal matters or medical bills alone. The lawyers from Mintz Law Firm have extensive legal experience in Colorado injury laws and cases, including those that involve bicycle accidents or go to trial. If you want help with your bicycle accident case, we invite you to get in touch with one of our representatives at your earliest convenience.

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