Top 4 Safety Tips for Motorcycle Riding in Colorado

Top 4 Safety Tips for Motorcycle Riding in Colorado

Top 4 Safety Tips for Motorcycle Riding in Colorado

Colorado’s beautiful landscape makes it a popular destination for motorcycle enthusiasts. Riding a motorcycle in Colorado is not only an exhilarating experience but can also be enjoyed in the backdrop of beautiful mountains or rolling plains. However, riding in Colorado can pose challenges for visitors from lower altitudes or new riders who are just starting out. It’s important for motorcycle riders in Colorado to be aware of road hazards and take certain precautions to make sure they have an enjoyable, safe experience.

Since motorcycles lack the protection of traditional passenger vehicles—such as airbags and protective frames—motorcycle accidents tend to result in more significant injuries. These injuries often pose financial difficulties for victims and their families. Unfortunately, many responsible riders do not receive the settlements they deserve, as many insurance companies do their best to portray motorcycle riders as reckless.

If you’ve been involved in a motorcycle accident in Colorado, seek legal counsel from a skilled motorcycle accident attorney. Here are four safety tips for motorcycle riding in Colorado.

Mind the Weather Forecast

Colorado’s weather can change rapidly. In fact, many describe Colorado as a place where you can “experience four seasons in a day.” This means that you could wake up on a very sunny day and choose to go for a ride only to get stuck in a hailstorm in the afternoon.

In Colorado, it’s best to always check the weather and avoid spur-of-the-moment trips without looking at the forecast. It’s generally a good idea to always bring rain gear and warm clothing in your saddlebags or backpack. Also, if you’re riding at higher altitudes, it’s good to be prepared for snow, as certain elevations can receive snow through July.

Be Aware of Your Bike’s Performance at Higher Altitudes

Motorcycles are combustion engine-powered vehicles. This means that at higher altitudes—which you’re likely to experience riding in Colorado—your bike is probably going to drag a bit. When this happens, don’t be alarmed or panic. This will happen to motorcycle carburetors and fuel-injected bikes. The only motorcycles this will not happen to are electric ones.

Pay Attention to Road Conditions

One Colorado hazard that motorcyclists should be aware of is the enormous amount of loose gravel on the roads. Since the snowplows in Colorado dump sand instead of salt, it creates a lot of grit on the road—even in the summer. This means it’s best to always watch your turns and stops. Additionally, the roads in Colorado can get slick when it rains or hails, so it’s best to always ride on the safer side in inclement weather.

Be Cautious of Wildlife

Colorado has a lot of wildlife. It’s fairly common for deer, elk, and antelope to cross roadways. Any of these animals could not only disrupt your path but cause a catastrophic accident if you strike an animal while riding. Therefore, it’s best to keep an active eye for wildlife and take extra precautions when riding at dawn and dusk—the prime times when larger animals are roaming near highways.

Contact a Skilled Colorado Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Too often, motorcyclists walk away from accidents with unfair settlements and, in many cases, are falsely accused of causing the accident. Many insurance companies have a heavy bias against motorcyclists and perpetuate the stereotype of them as being reckless. As a result, many motorcyclists do not receive the essential compensation they need to recover from their accidents. If you’ve been involved in a motorcycle accident in Colorado, the attorneys at Mintz Law are here to help. 

At Mintz Law, we know all drivers are of the same value and that motorcyclists are some of the safest and most cautious drivers on the road. Our attorneys believe that compensation should match the severity of incurred injuries, not the cost of damage to a motorcycle, which is why they are dedicated to fighting on your behalf for the settlement you deserve. Let our Colorado motorcycle injury lawyers build an evidence-based case for you. To talk with one of our attorneys, call (303) 462-2999 or fill out our online contact form.

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