What Are Colorado’s Seatbelt Laws?

What Are Colorado’s Seatbelt Laws?

What Are Colorado’s Seatbelt Laws?

Seatbelts are essential for protecting passengers from injuries in an accident, and Colorado requires all drivers, front-seat passengers, and children to utilize them. However, seatbelts do not entirely protect a driver or passenger from harm. If you have suffered injuries from an accident where another driver is at fault, you may still recover compensation for your injuries. At Mintz Law Firm, our experienced attorney can help you seek the compensation owed to you in a personal injury case. Continue reading to discover more about Colorado seatbelt laws and what to do after an accident. 

Does Colorado Enforce Wearing Seatbelts?

According to Colorado’s seatbelt law, all drivers and front-seat passengers of a motor vehicle and motorcycle must wear seat belts while operating the car on a street or highway. According to federal law, this requirement only excludes individuals with physical and psychological disabilities that prevent the proper use of a seat belt or that a vehicle is not required to be equipped with seat belts. 

Child Restraint Requirements 

When a child under fifteen years old is riding in a vehicle, the Colorado child restraint law requires that they be properly secured within the car regardless of their seating position. A rear-seated child restraint system must be used for children less than a year old. A properly secured rear or forward-facing child restraint system must be used from a year up to four years of age. Children up to eight years of age may use a booster seat once they meet the weight requirements, and eight to fifteen-year-olds require a booster seat or seat belt as applicable. 

Riding in a vehicle without a seatbelt is a secondary offense, and drivers may face the consequences of this charge if they are pulled over by law enforcement. In addition, not using a seatbelt at any age may increase the risk of serious injury in the case of a car accident. 

Common Injuries in an Accident If You Are Not Wearing a Seatbelt  

Seat belts save lives and prevent many people from serious injuries upon impact with other vehicles and in many accidents. Being securely fastened into your seat while riding or driving in a car, regardless of the speed, reduces the risk of death, paralysis, and other permanent results in an accident. 

Common injuries and effects of not using a seatbelt in an accident include:

  • Severe internal organ damage
  • Passenger or driver ejection from the vehicle during a collision
  • Injuries from hitting objects, doors, and other areas within the car
  • Head, neck, or back injury
  • Increased risk of bodily injury involving a window or windshield
  • Injuries from an ejected airbag 

Studies showed that an estimated 14,955 lives were saved during car accidents where drivers and passengers used seat belts in 2017. Although there are many consequences to not using or improperly using a seat belt, these restraints do not save individuals from harm during an accident. If you have been injured due to an accident, an experienced Colorado car accident lawyer can help you evaluate the details of your case and help you file a claim. 

Can I Seek Compensation for an Accident If I Was Not Wearing a Seatbelt?

In Colorado, every injured individual in an auto accident may file a personal injury claim to recover damages and losses caused by another driver’s negligence. Wearing a seatbelt is only one aspect of consideration when determining compensation and negligence. A skilled and experienced attorney understands the state laws, insurance tactics, and how to collect valid information pertinent to a client’s case. 

Without a skilled legal team, you may miss out on receiving the total amount of compensation owed to you in an accident caused by the responsible parties. After reviewing all the necessary information for a claim and getting all the facts for your claim, an attorney will help you maximize the amount of compensation owed. 

Mintz Law Firm in Colorado Provides Skilled Legal Representation for Denver Personal Injury Claims 

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