What to Consider Before Returning to Work After an Injury in Colorado

What to Consider Before Returning to Work After an Injury in Colorado

What to Consider Before Returning to Work After an Injury in Colorado

After being injured on the job, a worker’s primary concerns are often recovering fully and getting back to work. While you may be hoping to get back to work quickly to make up for lost time, the timeline is different for each employee. 

The personal injury attorneys at Mintz Law Firm helping individuals who have been injured build a strong claim. While you may be itching to get back to work and making back the money you have lost out on, returning to work should be done carefully and with a lot of consideration. 

Keep in Touch With Your Employer While You Are Out

Just as you are looking forward to getting back to your job, your employer is most likely anxiously awaiting your return as well. As you recover, keep them in the loop and let them know how the recovery process is going. Keeping your employer up-to-date on what your doctor is saying regarding your recovery will help them have an accurate timeline of when they can expect you to return. Additionally, your employer will be more prepared for your return. For example, if you have medical restrictions at work, they should be prepared to assimilate. 

Don’t Let Yourself Be Pressured Into Returning Before You’re Ready

Each year, an average of 2.8 million injury cases occur at private businesses, so it is not surprising that many employees are pressured to get back to work as soon as possible. Sometimes, as you go through the recovery process after suffering a personal injury, you will face pressure to get back to work as quickly as possible. The truth is that everyone recovers at a different pace, and if you have suffered a severe injury, stressing overpressure to go back to work will not help you get better. 

As you are recovering from your injury, you should allow yourself time to rest and rehabilitate according to any suggestions or orders from your doctor. Keep in mind that if your employer is pressuring you to return to work sooner than you are ready for, they are likely doing this more for their benefit than for your own. If you go back to work before you are ready, it can result in further injury and a longer period of time in which you will be unable to work. 

What to Do When Your Doctor Says You Can Go Back to Work

Ensure your doctor is well aware and familiar with your duties when you return to work. If they have decided to clear you to return, they must have the complete picture as this may affect their decision to allow you back. It is crucial you ask your doctor a lot of questions regarding your return to work. Because of your injury, you may have a disability or need medical assistance while getting through the workday, and your doctor will be able to go over this with you. 

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