Common Types of Motorcycle Accident Injuries

Common Types of Motorcycle Accident Injuries

Motorcycles have long been synonymous with freedom throughout the United States. There’s an inherent risk that comes along with riding a motorcycle, though, even if you’re as safe as you can be while you’re on the road. You need to be aware of some of the most common motorcycle accidents you might fall victim to before you head out on the highway. 

When you know what kind of injuries you may one day have to contend with, you can better prepare yourself – or your loved ones – for applicable action. This can include securing essential medical care and taking legal action against the party liable for your losses.

The Most Common Motorcycle Accident Injuries

It can be dangerous to ride a motorcycle without the appropriate protective gear. Even when you’re taking as much care as possible, though, you still run the risk of falling victim to someone else’s negligence. With that in mind, motorcyclists often find themselves contending with the following injuries:

Traumatic Brain and Spinal Injuries

Motorcycle accidents can often result in damage to the brain and spinal cord. These traumatic brain and spine injuries can leave you paralyzed, with limited memory, unable to speak, or otherwise debilitatingly injured. While wearing a helmet can sometimes prevent these accidents, another motorist’s reckless roadway behavior may still put you in serious danger.

Most medical professionals can offer people who endure traumatic brain or spinal injuries a means to recovery. What that recovery looks like may vary from person to person. However, you may still be able to work with an attorney to hold the party liable for your losses responsible for the cost of your essential medical care.

Road Rash

Road rash” describes the impact that a collision can have on a motorcyclist’s skin. Motorcyclists who aren’t wearing the appropriate protective gear can walk away from an accident with severe, burn-like injuries across their bodies. Road rash is considered one of the least consequential motorcycle crash injuries a rider can face, but that doesn’t mean it’s nothing to sniff at.

If you have to contend with road rash, you can work with a medical professional to both restore your skin, prevent undue scarring, and manage your pain.

Broken Bones and Fractures

While it’s never pleasant to contend with a motorcycle injury, broken bones and fractures are among the least severe injuries you might walk away from an accident with. These conditions can still leave you out of commission for several months, though, particularly if any additional wounds end up infected.

You can discuss the need for surgery, reconstruction, and/or mobility aids in the wake of a broken bone with medical professionals. 

How to Recover From Motorcycle Accidents

Recovering from motorcycle accidents is often an exercise in patience. Whether you’re contending with a minor fracture or a life-changing injury, you need to work with medical professionals to address the full breadth of your losses. The faster you try to push yourself, the longer your recovery is going to take.

What’s more, you need to communicate with your insurance provider while you’re recovering. Ideally, you need to report a motorcycle accident within 24 hours of the incident. This way, your insurance provider can begin gathering data establishing liability for your losses.

You should also cooperate as best as you can with police officers and other parties. The sooner you reach out to a motorcycle injury lawyer, the easier it can be for you to communicate with these parties. An attorney can also prevent these parties from misconstruing your role in an accident.

You Can Go to Court After a Motorcycle Accident

Once you’re back on your feet again, you have the right to take up legal action against a party liable for your motorcycle accident. To take legal action, you need to file a motorcycle accident claim. Moreover, you need to submit your claim to a county clerk within your state’s statute of limitations.

Your motorcycle accident claim serves as a brief discussion of the extent of your accident-related losses. You can also use your claim to provide evidence establishing both liability and the economic value of your losses. For more information about how to build and format a motorcycle accident complaint, you can meet with our attorneys.

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