Why Is the Summertime Dangerous for Motorcyclists in Colorado?

Why Is the Summertime Dangerous for Motorcyclists in Colorado?

Why Is the Summertime Dangerous for Motorcyclists in Colorado?

Summertime means longer days, and warm weather appeals to everyone, including motorcyclists. However, as appealing as those long warm days may be to riders, the scorching temperatures that can be reached in Colorado can be dangerous for riders. As the outside temperature increases, the rider’s body temperature also increases, placing them at risk of heat exhaustion and dehydration. Furthermore, the extreme heat can also mess with a rider’s bike. For instance, extreme heat can make tires expand and blow out, or their engine or oil may overheat. Additionally, summertime also means an increase of vehicles on the road—the more vehicles on the road, the higher the chance of an accident.

After a motorcycle accident, it’s important to contact a motorcycle accident lawyer as soon as possible. Depending on the circumstance of the accident, you may be able to recover monetary compensation for injuries and other related losses you sustained because of the accident. However, pursuing claims is a complicated process, and Colorado is a comparative negligence state that can make things even more complex. Work with a trusted and skilled motorcycle accident attorney who can help you understand your rights and the best legal avenue for you to recover fair and just compensation. 

4 Safety Tips for Motorcyclists During Summer 

Summer is a great season with lots of benefits that many riders enjoy. However, the best way to enjoy summer is to stay healthy and alive. Summertime is dangerous for riders because of the hot temperatures and the increase in traffic. Riders need to understand the safety measures they can take to help protect themselves and others on the road. Here are four tips to help keep motorcyclists safe during the scorching summertime weather. 

1. Don’t Remove Gear

While the extreme heat may make wearing gear feel like a nightmare, that gear is meant to protect motorcyclists who are already vulnerable to severe injuries when involved in a collision. 

2. Keep Skin Covered

When riding under such extreme temperatures, it’s important to keep the skin from being exposed to the sun’s rays. Considering the weather, wearing long sleeves may sound like torture, but riders can get up to second-degree burns from being exposed to the sun. Furthermore, keeping your skin covered keeps you from getting dehydrated faster. Exposed skin is harder to cool because your sweat evaporates from you. 

3. Carry Plenty of Water

It’s essential to keep yourself hydrated as much as possible when riding, especially in the summer when you are at higher risk of dehydration. Failure to keep yourself properly hydrated can cause your body to crash physically. In general, it’s recommended to drink about a gallon of water an hour, especially during elevated temperatures. 

4. Watch the Motorcycle’s Oil Temperature

When a motorcycle’s oil begins to reach extreme heat temperatures, the oil can be brought to a boiling point and start to vaporize; this can cause the engine to decrease in power and begin emitting smoke. Some motorcycles may need a fan-assisted oil cooler to protect the engine from damage. 

Contact an Experienced Colorado Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Motorcycle accidents can have severe consequences for riders, and yet even though most accidents are caused by enclosed vehicles, insurance companies are quick to blame the rider. Mintz Law Firm knows that motorcyclists get a bad rap for being reckless and are ready to fight against those biases to secure our clients the compensation they deserve. Contact our offices today to schedule a consultation by filling out our contact form or calling (303) 462-2999.

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