Why Do Colorado Unsecured Cargo Truck Accidents Occur?

Why Do Colorado Unsecured Cargo Truck Accidents Occur?

Cargo trucks and other large vehicles can intimidate drivers of all experience levels. The idea of running into a truck or some of its cargo can be overwhelming, as these accidents can result in serious bodily harm. If you have been hurt because unsecured cargo on a truck or other vehicle has fallen, you may have some questions. Specifically – why do accidents involving unsecured or poorly packed cargo happen at all?

At Mintz Law Firm, we are dedicated to supporting victims who have been hurt due to another person’s irresponsible behaviors. We know how to navigate the legal system in Colorado with confidence, including cases involving trucks and unsecured cargo. Feel free to contact us if you need legal support, and Mintz Law Firm will proudly support you and stand by your side. 

Why Do Accidents Involving Falling Cargo Happen?

There are several reasons cargo might fall from a vehicle and result in serious injuries. We can break down a few of the most common:

Employer Decisions

An employer may be responsible for an accident caused by fallen cargo, as they are responsible for numerous operations. An employer may be responsible for hiring someone unqualified or unable to perform their duties, not training an employee as well as necessary, working their employees too hard, or making careless mistakes they know will have consequences. 

Because an employer is responsible for so much of a business’s operations, they will most likely be held accountable for a truck accident claim. Employer decisions also impact the likelihood of some other issues we will cover. 

Packing Mistakes

An employee may make mistakes while packing the cargo. While it is not an employee’s responsibility if they have been trained poorly or were hired despite being honest about their qualifications, they may be responsible if they make careless mistakes. 

Most cargo packing must meet specific standards to ensure the truck bed is stable and nothing falls loose. If straps, weights, or other tools are not used correctly and as intended, cargo is more likely to fall. 

Reckless Driving

If a truck driver is reckless while transporting cargo, even following safety protocol during packing may result in falling obstacles and hazards. A driver choosing to drive without listening to posted signs, driving while tired, or driving while under the influence of substances may also cause an accident. 

Poor Maintenance

In some cases, parties responsible for maintaining equipment may be responsible for falling cargo. Whether the truck is not maintained well enough to handle transported cargo correctly or the equipment used for packing fails to meet adequate standards, poor maintenance can result in accidents for victims. 

Who is Responsible for Injuries Due to Falling Cargo?

Aside from the most common causes of injuries and accidents caused by falling cargo, many other individuals could be responsible for crashes and unforeseen circumstances. In some cases, holding more than one party accountable for your losses is necessary. 

The following individuals may be liable for your injuries and damages:

  • Owner of the trucking company
  • Employer or employee of the property
  • Renter or owner of the premises
  • Another motorist
  • Pedestrians
  • Passengers in other vehicles
  • Parts, vehicle, or equipment manufacturers
  • Maintenance workers
  • City or state government entities

We encourage you to reach out to Mintz Law Firm for support in determining who is liable. Our firm can help you hold these individuals accountable for their actions so you can collect the compensation you need to recover and move forward. 

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