What Rideshare Customers Should Know About Uber/Lyft Crashes

What Rideshare Customers Should Know About Uber/Lyft Crashes

What Rideshare Customers Should Know About Uber/Lyft Crashes

Using ridesharing services, like those offered by Uber and Lyft, should not be taken lightly. Ridesharing companies provide an important service to the public, but ridesharing comes with a certain level of risk. Below, we will discuss the most recent safety concerns that have been raised for such ridesharing services.

If you have been involved in a ridesharing accident, you should consider speaking to an experienced Uber & Lyft accident attorney who may be able to help you recover compensation for your injury.

The Dangers of Ridesharing

Ridesharing services are no safer than driving yourself, and ridesharing actually comes with a few extra risks. Unlike taxis, ridesharing vehicles are usually not owned by the company, and the ridesharing vehicles are maintained by their individual drivers. This means that there are no regulations for how often they need to be serviced.

Ridesharing vehicles also are not modified in the way that transport company vehicles are modified. For example, taxis and other shared vehicles have the lock controls for the back seat, stopping the driver from locking the doors. Safety glass dividers are not common in ridesharing vehicles, so there is no separation between you and the driver.

Ridesharing Insurance Coverage

When you book a trip with a ridesharing company, it is important to know that car insurance does not apply in the way that you may think it would. When riding in a taxi, you are covered by the company’s insurance plan. In ridesharing, coverage depends on who owns and operates each vehicle.

For Uber and Lyft, the requirements to be covered by insurance are different. The driver must be logged into the app and have accepted the fare to be fully covered. Otherwise, accidents are only partially covered. This is why it is important to make sure that your driver is following the rules before you decide to ride with him or her. If they ignore the traffic rules, you could end up with large bills from a crash even though you were not driving. It should be noted that Uber has an insurance policy that covers its rideshare drivers, and the policy contains $1 million in third-party liability.

Rideshare Driver Vetting

Other companies that hire drivers often follow an extensive program to vet their drivers. Ridesharing companies, however, do not face the same legal requirements to vet their drivers. It is important that you pay attention to any potential red flags that pop up when connecting with a rideshare driver.

Tips for Protecting Yourself from Ridesharing Accidents

With fifty-eight rideshare-related accident deaths in 2019 and an increasing number of rideshare rides, it is important to take steps to protect yourself. Here are a few things that you can do to protect yourself from ridesharing issues:

Check Driver Reviews

Driver reviews are an effective way of avoiding drivers with consistent issues. Always check the reviews of each driver before accepting a driver to make sure that it is someone that you can trust.

Verify the Driver

Before you get in the car, double check the identity of your driver. Match their information to the information that you receive from the app. That way, you know you are getting in the right car.

Don’t Be Afraid to Leave

If you feel unsafe for any reason, do not get in the car or ask the driver to pull over. You can end a ride at any time. When you don’t feel safe, be proactive in protecting yourself.

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