Bicycles are Everywhere — and They Have Rights!

Bicycles are Everywhere — and They Have Rights!

cyclingYou may have noticed that the number of bicycles on the road has increased in recent years. Some cyclists have opted for these two-wheeled vehicles as a way to achieve their exercise goals. After all, riding a bike really gets the heart pumping and the muscles working, making it a fantastic workout. Others have chosen a bicycle due to the rising costs of operating a motor vehicle. Between car payments, insurance, maintenance, and gas, the amount of money you can save each year by riding a bike to work or to other activities cannot be understated. And, of course, some riders simply hop on a bike because they think it’s a fun activity, even one that can be enjoyed with a loved one or their entire family.

No matter what a person’s specific reason is for riding a bike around town, it’s important to understand that they have rights. These cyclists are not only welcome as a part of traffic, but it is expected that they a treated with the utmost respect and safety considerations. As bicyclists ourselves, several of the personal injury attorneys at Mintz Law Firm understand the hazards that come with enjoying such a healthy, money-saving, fun activity out on the

As the driver of an automobile, it is imperative that you treat a bicycle as simply another vehicle on the road with you. Like you, these are people who are heading to some sort of destination, and getting there safely is their primary goal. This means that you should be aware of them at all times. Their chosen mode of transportation is clearly a lot smaller than yours, and much more vulnerable, so it is imperative that you exercise caution whenever one is nearby. Most cyclists are excellent at following traffic safety laws, but since a misstep by either of you would likely result in much more injury to the cyclist, it doesn’t hurt for you to exercise a special level of caution for both your sakes.

The sad truth is that many drivers don’t give cyclists enough respect. Many cyclists are yelled at to “get out of the road” when they have every legal right to be there. Many drivers are still shocked when they see a cyclist in a left turn lane, but they have the right to be there, too. And you haven’t seen anything until you see an annoyed motorist actually throw an object from their vehicle in an angry attempt to hit a cyclist. Fortunately for that last one, the law took notice and made it illegal for a driver to throw anything at a cyclist. It’s sad that this situation even needed to be addressed, but we’re certainly glad it was.

If you find yourself sharing the road with a cyclist, all you really need to do is pay attention and treat them with respect. Watch their activity just like you would any other vehicle on the road with you. Don’t glance their way and then dismiss them, as that kind of attitude will only succeed in creating a precarious situation. We may be sounding like a broken record, but that cyclist has every right to be there as you do, and if nothing else, the one thing you have in common is that you both want to get to where you’re going safe and sound.

If you’re a cyclist, it’s important to realize that riding a bicycle on the road is your legal right, and it’s important that you’re treated with the utmost respect and safety considerations. If you or anyone you know has been injured by a motorist who wasn’t being cautious, don’t hesitate to contact the personal injury attorneys at Mintz Law Firm. We’ll handle your case with a personal touch and ensure the best possible outcome.

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