Colorado Ranked among the Top 5 Worst States for Drivers

Colorado Ranked among the Top 5 Worst States for Drivers

Colorado Ranked among the Top 5 Worst States for Drivers

Each of the fifty states is vastly different. This means that each state has its own unique characteristics that make it a suitable or unsuitable place for drivers. To determine which states are the worst and best for drivers, Bankrate analyzed diverse datasets covering safety, driving quality, and weather in each state. The study found that the best states for drivers are generally in the Midwest. States found to be the worst for drivers vary in location but are consistently some of the most expensive states for gas and car insurance.

The Four Categories That Determined the Best and Worst States for Drivers

To determine the best and worst states for drivers, Bankrate analyzed sixteen datasets from the government, nonprofits, and industry groups. They used the most recently available data from all fifty states.

  • Cost: This category encompasses the average price for vehicle repairs, gas, and auto insurance in each state. Quality of life is heavily influenced by the cost of living in their city, including costs related to their vehicle.
  • Driving Quality: This category details how drivers are affected by road and bridge conditions, average commute times, and average time spent in traffic per year.
  • Safety: In this category, the number of DUI arrests, traffic fatalities, seat belt usage, chances of colliding, and motor vehicle theft are taken into account. These factors all helped determine the safety rate of the state and determined the state’s ranking in the study.
  • Weather: Weather includes the average precipitation and the average number of fatalities related to rain, snow, or sleet.

Taking these four factors into consideration, Bankrate determined Colorado to be among the top five worst states for drivers. Colorado ranked as one of the best states in driving-related weather metrics but still made it to the top ten worst states for drivers. Bankrate research determined that the worst states for drivers are also the most expensive states for purchasing car insurance. Colorado is one of the top ten worst states because of the high gas prices and auto insurance costs. The average price for car insurance premiums is around $342 more per year than the national average. Additionally, Colorado drivers also deal with poor road quality and a higher level of urbanized congestion than the national average.

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